Theatre Antamapantahou, Greece

Strings of Music

The Strings of Music is a wonderful, cheerful performance with an abundance of marionettes, created and masterly manipulated by two puppeteers.
This is a really lovely family show, which can be enjoyed by all ages.
The concert’s orchestra soloists comprise of a folk musician, a percussionist, a belly dancer, a mouth organ player, a singer, three classical violinists, a guitar player, a drummer, another violin player and a country singer from “The Strings” rock band.

Performers: Nikos Tompros and Eleni Panagiotou
Director: Nikos Tompros and Eleni Panagiotou
Scenography: Nikos Tompros and Eleni Panagiotou


Ager: Entire family from 4 år
Language: No language
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 50 minutes


Den Kreative Skole
Friday 8/11 at 17.30
Saturday 9/11 at 17:00
Sunday 10/11 at 13:30

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

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