Theatre Puppet’s Lab, Bulgaria

I, Sisyphus

Denmark´s premiere

“I, Sisyphus” is a puppet and dance performance, inspired by “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus. The production fits quite well into the theme of this year’s Festival of Wonder, ‘Theatre in life and death’.Fantastic pictures illustrate the story throughout the show.
”I, Sisyphus” explores the return of humanity to the beginning.
Ever since antiquity, philosophers have contemplated the absurdity of human behavior constantly repeating itself. No matter which paths we take in life, or what we try to be, we always return in the end to being ourselves in an eternally predictable cycle of life. This means that instead of focusing on the meaning of life, we focus on the senseless.
Through the years ”Puppet’s Lab” has won many prestigious international awards for their groundbreaking productions.

Performer: Stoyan Doychev
Director: Veselka Kuncheva
Costumes/Puppets: Marieta Golomehova
Scenography: Maria Dimitrova
Composer: Hristo Namliev
Video and light: Theater “Azaryan” and Veselin Hristov


Age: Adults from age 16
Language: No language
Price: 100 kr.
Duration: 60 minutes


Jysk Musikteater
Store scene
Sunday 10/11 at 15:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

Festival of Wonder 2019