Due to the Corona situation in Denmark and in the countries from which our theaters come, we unfortunately have to postpone Festival of Wonder until 2022.  
We look forward to welcoming you to the 25th Festival of Wonder 10-13. November 2022. 

  • The Circus Man
  • Dreaming of the Carnival of the Animals
  • Fly
  • Strings of Music
  • Iron Ring
  • Tria Fata
  • A Little Sonata
  • Songs from above
  • Chambre Noire
  • I, Sisyphus
  • Cirkus Inhabitus
  • Love

A warm welcome to Festival of Wonder, Silkeborg’s international puppet, object and visual theatre festival.

For the adult audience we have chosen the theme ‘Theatre on life and death’

This might sound gloomy to use the word ‘death’ in a title. But the theme also includes the word ‘life’, which allows the audience to experience emotions from great sorrow to great humor. The balance between life and death can be seen in the performance of high wirewalker David Dimitri from Switzerland.

The theme for our performances encompasses life in its entirety; the most difficult times, but also the happy, quiet moments. Often the story telling interacts with live music.

For children the theme is fairy tales, especially those of Hans Christian Andersen and of the Grimm Brothers.

There are many examples of traditional fairy tales, but also new interpretations of old stories.

The tales also are about the contrast between humanlife and death. There are many choices for everybody. 33 differentperformances, playing 90 times by theatres from Denmark, France, Spain, USA, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece and The Czech Republic.

Besides all of that, it is possible to participate in the popular puppet workshop, look at exhibits, go to Back Stage Talks with theatres or see a film in Bio. In all 101 events.

All of this can only happen through successful fund raising. We wish to thank Goethe Institute, Institute Francais, Konsul George Jorck og hustru Emma Jorcks Fund, Beckett Fund, A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fund til almene Formål, The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, MINISTERIO DE CULTURA Y DEPORTE, Spanien and last but not least The Danish Culture Fund and Silkeborg Kommune.

The biggest thank you to all of our collaborators, local as well as international and especially to all of our voluntary helpers.

Welcome to wonderful theatre experiences in Silkeborg.
Ulla Dengsøe
Artistic Director

Borgmester Steen VindumWelcome to Silkeborg

It is time for Festival of Wonder

The time has finally come. The time for one of the main cultural event in Silkeborg. The puppets are returning. It is time to bid them and their theatres welcome to the festival city. To Festival of Wonder in the Puppetry Capital of the North.

On the heels of the puppets come audiences from around Denmark and from the rest of the world. They come because they know that the quality of Festival of Wonder makes the trip worthwhile. Included in the trip is a visit to Silkeborg itself, a bonus for our businesses, attractions and places to stay. 

The festival has become a tradition for many local families. We go with our youngest family members to the workshop to make a puppet or to a venue to see a performance.  Or we get dressed up and go to our own chosen performances. Or both. The children in our schools look forward to the arrival of the puppets.

The organizers deserve a huge thank you. Two years of an intense search for the best in puppet theatre culminates in Festival of Wonder, in amazing experiences. That demands an outstanding network. A thousand thanks for the enormous amount of work. Also many thanks to the nearly 100 volunteers who time after time offer their help to our guests and to the theatres. Without the help of these volunteers Festival of Wonder would not be possible.

Festival of Wonder is internationally known for inviting large and spectacular guest performances. This year we are looking forward to puppet performances from: USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, The Czech Republic, Greece, Israel and Denmark.  Four exciting days with something for everybody.

Yours truly,
Steen Vindum

Johan BrødsgaardWelcome to Silkeborg from the cultural committee

Dear All,

We are so pleased that Silkeborg is hosting Festival of Wonder again. This is a festival which is known locally and nationally – and also a festival which brings enthusiastic international visitors to our city, a festival which has a great reputation outside the borders of Denmark.

Once again a huge amount of preparation will ensure that the many local, out-of-town and international visitors have great experiences seeing world class theatre. I am personally looking forward to taking part.

Puppetry can make a viewer think and feel in new ways, also existentially. Through the theme of this year’s festival, Theatre of life and death, I am sure we will see and feel the scope of life’s emotions.

Festival of Wonder has performances for everybody, with many shows taking place at our local schools. One ambition could be that every child who attends school in Silkeborg County would see and experience puppet theatre during his or her school years. That would be special.

Festival of Wonder is definitely unique. On behalf of the festival, Artistic Director Ulla Dengsøe received the Silkeborg County Cultural Award in 2017, as a sign of its high artistic quality and of the festival’s help in making Silkeborg a cultural city and county.

We wish you a fantastic Festival of Wonder 2019.

Yours truly,
Johan Brødsgaard,
Chairman of the committee for culture, leisure and sport


In May of 2017 Festival of Wonder: Silkeborg’s International Puppet Theater Festival was awarded the EFFE logo as a remarkable festival together with 715 European festivals. EFFE is an organization of the European Union.
In July, the EFFE jury nominated 26 of the 715 festivals to receive the EFFE Award.
Festival of Wonder, is the only Nordic festival, among the 26 nominees.

The nominated festivals are highlighted by Effe’s International Jury for their exceptional quality, work, commitment and influence within their contexts and territories.

The award ceremony takes place at a special event in Brussels on 18 September.
The artistic director of Festival of Wonder Ulla Dengsøe is invited. Invited is also Denmark’s Minister of Culture, Denmark’s EU Representation, and selected Danish journalists.

During the summer, all 26 nominated festivals will be celebrated on the EFFE website.
A very nice promotion of the Festival of Wonder and of Silkeborg as a cultural city.

In 2019 Festival of Wonder has once more achieved EU status as REMARKABLE ARTS FESTIVAL

Festival of Wonder 2019