Randers Egnsteater


In the beginning Frog feels a bit strange, with a feeling of butterflies in the stomach and the heart beating ‘bump bump’. Could he have a cold? Or maybe he has the flu?
No! He has fallen in love with a beautiful white duck. Based on the poetic children’s book, Frog in Love by Max Velthuijs, this production of a humorous, moving and wise story for the youngest audiences about love knowing no bounds.

Performer: Nanni Lorenzen
Director: Henrik Steen Larsen
Scenographer: Niels Secher
Composer: Nana Schwartzlose


Ager: 2 – 5 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 35 minutes


Sunday 10/11 at 10:30
Sunday 10/11 at 15:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

Festival of Wonder 2019